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Harry Co., LLC
3900 Chamberlayne Ave
Richmond, VA 23227
Office:  (804) 264-2963
Fax:  (804) 264-2965


Claremont Professionals
3900 Chamberlayne Ave
Richmond, VA 23227
Office:  (804) 264-2964
Fax:  (804) 264-2965


Harry Co counselors are providers of case management, crisis intervention and therapeutic counseling services, both for the individual and family.  Counseling services stabilize and improve client and family functioning, prevent out-of-home placement and reacclimate youth back into the home, school and community settings. 


Claremont Professionals provide members opportunities to enhance their overall image and success by providing professional office suites...

  • Corporate & Retreat Development
  • Service Solutions such as payroll billing, human resource functions and executive coaching

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